What are the contributing factors to the current high rate of global youth unemployment?

Research the main causes of global youth unemployment and find solutions

Skill Mismatch is one factor - Many young people graduate out of school and ready to work, but businesses needs skills these young people never got.

Generational drawbridges. Older generations secure their positions in the workforce and put up barriers that make it difficult for some youth to enter different employment markets.

Population growth, lack of experience, and lack of career guidance in schools.

Inappropriate ways of searching for a job and lack of career guidance

The “Ivory Tower” has become too far removed from actual society, just living in books, theories, academic ideas, not enough practical skills and experience are being taught.

Another way to think about it, has been called “kicking away the ladder” (Ha-Joon Chang, 2002), which means that other people aren’t able to climb up the ladder. https://anthempress.com/kicking-away-the-ladder-pb

Godfatherism is another challenge to youth employment.

Lack of good and well-meaning policies tailored towards youth empowerment.

What do you have in mind here with the term “godfatherism”?

It means there are selected few who are favoured by the highly placed men and women in the society. If you are not connected with them, you cannot access or get to attain well-meaning jobs