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Dear All,

In this P4W CBLV Project Forum, we have discuss about all the necessary things about creating the P4W platform for Youth, Crowd Supporters, and Potentential Employers.

CBLV Programme requires us to create a Project Charter Completed by Oct 2. (mile stones: Project Description, Progress Report 1,3,3, and Slide Deck, Final Project Report Charter).

A project charter is something that we have written down and people (sponsors) agree with, give resources and the money. And we need a team that is going to help to drive project charter. Also a plan for the network, about building the network acorss countries to make the project happen. We need to be able tell what will be done with who in how many weeks after 2nd Oct.

A lot of things are required to be sorted out along the way.

This discussion thread is going to help us to organized our thoughts, ideas, links, recources in the form of presentations

Please read more here: Kick off Discussion Notes P4W CBLV July 2021 - Google Slides


We are thinking of using “Co-creation Model” to extend games into jobs for Youth with the help of community of P4W platform users. P4W platform is all about creating conversations among Youth, Potential Employers, and Crowd Supports around “Games”. At P4W, “Games” are primary building blocks of the platform. In Play4Work Platform, we could have “Task Driven Games”, “Need Driven Games”, and “Position Driven Games” , Co-created, posted, joined and played by users in our ecosystem. There should also be users/makers who are “Co-creators” of the platform itself helping us to design UIs, code software, define protocols to coordinate Youth, Crowd-supporters and Potential Employers to have meaningful conversation around “Games”.

Strategically speaking, for P4W platform, we should have “Platform users” who are simply Youth, Crowd-supporters, and Potential Employers helping us to “Co-create” “Games”. On the “Making” of the platform itself, we need a community of “Platform Shapers/Enablers/Creators” helping us to creat protocols, and software to coordinate conversations around “Games”.

If you are joining this dicussion thread, I believe you are one of the “Platform Shapers/Enablers/Creators” helping to “Co-create” the platform. Under the light of what we have learned from Professor Tony’s lecture slides, when we create protocols and software, we need to start thinking about “Cross-border” opportunties. We got to think about “Borders” or “Obstacles” dividing a diversity of segments of people around the world, and see if

  1. We could create value by overcoming obstacles or harnessing diversity across borders. (What are the existing obstacles/divesristy of people in the area of Youth landing jobs?)
  2. If we could find such opportunity, we also got to find faster, cheaper, and better ways to overcome the obstacles or harness diversity.
    This could be our fist set of questions we got to answer for CBLV project?

Proposal: The “Co-creation Model” to extend games into jobs for Youth with the help of community of P4W platform users will the very “Source of Value” which we all, a diversity of people work together to create across borders.

Great work done so far

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I agree with the model … It will give people a sense of ownership.

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I think one of the obvious obstacle is understanding the cultural context of each country we are looking to reach.
Also, there is need to do indepth research on what’s obtainable/ acceptable in each location at the moment as regards the perception of the youth about job and employers , and also expectation of employers.

But I believe that any obstacle can be overcome.


There will be 7 design sprints planned till 20th August.

Sprint 1: Challenge 1: Create a working Play4work Forum for 27 people in the team and their connections by 20th August in order for them to use this for their own advantage. (Use or tweak)

Sprint 2: Challenge 2: Create a working Play4work Application for 27 people in the team and their connections by 20th August in order for them to use this for their own advantage. (Use or tweak)

5 breakaway sessions/sprint

1st session; Greg, Yan, Aung, Sho (Michel)

2nd,3rd,4th, 5th sessions = 27/4 in each session

1 final session (All) (coming Saturday: 14th August)

2 hrs sessions: Total 7 x 2 = 14 hrs

Ref 1: Design Sprint Planning Notes - Google Slides
Ref 2: https://designsprintkit.withgoogle.com/
Ref 3: Design Sprint Notes - Google Slides
Ref 4: OKRs https://productcoalition.com/good-vs-bad-okrs-e5e612523f30