Unemployment in Nigeria and how to fix the problem?

The following research paper addresses some of the main causes of youth unemployability in Nigeria. It attributes the main causes to an inadequate curriculum system, a weak learning environment, inadequate funding, inadequate collaboration between universities and employers of university graduates, disparity between employers’ and graduates’ views about employability, and insufficient commitment on the part of undergraduates to apply and develop themselves for the future.
What are some recommendations you can give to enhance the employment situation in Nigeria? How can Play4Work help in these circumstances? How much or how little have things in Nigeria changed since the COVID-19 pandemic?

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Actually,unemployment in nigeria increases year after year,this is due to the number of graduate in nigeria increases year after year and the number of people who have reach their retirement period decrease.The proportion of student who graduate every year to the people who retire every year is almost 85:15. The main reason behind the unemployment is that the number of private companies and government agencies and frastatals are not enough to employ even 10% of the graduate annually.so play4work can help in these circumstance by providing one of their centres in nigeria so that many will know about play4work,what they do and will try to be a members of play4work forum in order to secure jobs.Because if the rate of unemployment is solved in nigeria, the rate of insecurity in some region of nigeria will decrease too.

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I agree! Play4Work could have a great impact in decreasing the unemployment rate, as well as ensuring more secure and stable conditions in Nigeria.

  1. Primarily there are gaps between skills that employers need in an employee. Moreover, most of the potential employees do not have these skills.
    There should be thorough research in these areas by universities to bridge the gaps. How? By regular interface with organizations, whether government or private to create curriculum that will not only proffer solutions but also develops these skills in the life of these youths. What is the essence of producing thousands of graduates every year and not being able to get jobs?

Another area to be developed is Entrepreneurship. Not just on a theoretical basis but practical.
The university curriculum should place more emphasis on Entrepreneurship to develop skills in this area before the students graduate thereby after graduation; the students do not need to start looking for jobs but creating jobs and adding value to society.

Mentor mentee programs can also help solve this hydra-headed monster called youth unemployment.
Youth should ensure to take up self-development programs; even identifying gaps in the society and not going into the universities to study just any course but courses that are in demand after graduation.

2.Play4Work can help by creating a synergy with the organization’s head of Human resources identifying skills required from potential employees to become employable.

Play4Work to create a consortium of unemployed youths with specialized skills needed to
work on a project under close monitoring and guidance to help deliver a good job and be well rewarded.
3. A lot of things have changed after the COVID-19 pandemic.
A lot of people have lost their jobs, many organizations have not recovered from its effect; many businesses crashed.
Academic programs were affected negatively; many are still working remotely from their homes.
Although, with its negative effects, some new online businesses emerged. Meaning that the economy is gradually moving towards online business.


This strikes me as the key issue, and applicable to everyone (even in Canada). The status-quo culture says “I will graduate, and will be qualified for a job that exists”. This is a type of entitlement, where we think there is an empty office space waiting for us. However we are witnessing enormous changes in society and technology, and I think the greatest skill I’m lacking (speaking personally) is how to create my own value. So instead of “How do I get/receive a job”, I really need learn how to “create” a job. And the academia does not teach this (as far as I can tell). There are some fundamentals/Entrepeneurship 101 which I am lacking, and which almost all graduates are lacking. I have met several immigrants to Canada who say “the best thing about Canada is that everybody can create a sidejob for themselves”. This opportunity is lost on majority of Canadian youths who expect to get degrees and have a steady govt office job for next 20+years.

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What is “frastatals”?

You wrote “The main reason behind the unemployment is that the number of private companies and government agencies and frastatals are not enough to employ even 10% of the graduate annually.”

So it seems like Nigerian domestic economy has limited capacity for hiring new graduates, i.e. small number of private companies with small number of openings. Does this mean youth employment must primarly derive from Cross-Border employment (either virtually or physical relocation) and youth entrepeneurship (Nigerian youth need to seek out and create new opportunities for themselves) ?

It appears that matching unemployed Nigerian youth with Nigerian companies will not succeed if the companies already have sufficient work force. Thoughts?

Sorry i said frastatal earlier,meaning Public agencies