The Precariat - a new conversation

What is ‘The Precariat’ and why does it threaten our societies?

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The Precariat is a group of people who are in a precarious position with regards to their jobs and/or their careers. They need to seek additional jobs to secure their incomes, or they cannot rise out of part-time or minimum-wage jobs. If the Precariat becomes too large, we risk having a two class society of haves (rich) and have nots (Precariat). At the same time, the definition of the Precariat will continue to evolve based on economic circumstances. I don’t think we can eliminate the Precariat completely, but it should be reduced as much as possible.

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The Precariat is the social class formed by people suffering from lack of security and unstable conditions with no financial income. One of the reasons why people in the precariat threaten our society is because they increase the unemployment rate in the economy.

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I never heard of the Precariat before, and I am learning the Precariat now. For me, the Precariat will bring people inevitable and unstable factors that can affect their lives negatively. When people lose jobs, it can be called Precariat. People always do not know how to deal with it.

Here is something that I have found There is no skills-gap: it is employers who have not kept up with the improved skills of graduates | British Politics and Policy at LSE. What do you guys think?

I think there are skills-gap in the sense that the world is experiencing new innovations( disruptive technologies) in different sectors of the economies of the world- agriculture, production, medicine, etc.

All these necessitate acquiring new skills, knowledge to help remain relevant within the industry of context.