Soft Skills vs. Hard Skills - what difference does it make?

One doesn’t need to look very far in the media nowadays to find stories about work, as both job seekers and companies looking for employees are attempting to match skills with opportunities in the labour market. One contrast that employers make in deciding who they hire revolves around a candidate’s skillset between “soft skills” and “hard skills”.

This comment quoting statistics from a recent article identifies the importance of “soft skills” for employability:

“it’s a lack of ‘soft skills’ holding workers back. According to a new survey from Harris Poll, commissioned by staffing firm Express Employment Professionals, 59 per cent of Canadian businesses say they can’t find qualified employees to fill vacancies. And a third of those businesses say one big reason is because prospective hires don’t have soft skills such as dependability, flexibility and a willingness to learn.”[…]mployees-because-applicants-are-lacking-these-crucial-skills

One comment was made on this article from another location in the P4W communications ecosystem:

“I agree with the point that soft skills are becoming more valuable. Hard skills such as technical skills or other types can be learned through the training process of the job. However, it is hard to learn soft skills.”

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