Soft skills everyone should have

  • What are the soft skills you think all youths irrespective of their area of specialization or expertise should possess? And how acquiring those skills will make an improved, better version of oneself.

In my opinion, youth would have communication skills, leadership skills, problem-solving skills, and teamwork. These are the most common skills that are found in al job industries. Acquiring these skills can improve one’s experience and give the person the opportunity to excel in his/her job. If youth have these skills, they will have a better chance in getting opportunities.

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What is formal definition of “soft” skill?
It appears to be type of social behaviour, e.g. punctual, good communicator, etc.

A list of soft skills might be useful ''low hanging fruit" for designing basic games.
E.g., what games increase punctuality? or communication?

Gregory posted relevant article in the slack page, Posthaste: Canadian businesses say they can't find employees because applicants are lacking these crucial skills | Financial Post

SoftSkills: dependability, flexibility, willingness to learn, critical thinking, teamwork, …,

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Numerous examples of soft skills included in following article:

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Great. How would employers know that a candidate have these skills? Can they be assessed through interviews or there’s a better way to test for individual’s soft skills?

Thanks for sharing this.

I believe that soft skills can be assessed best through interviews. It is hard to find out if the candidate has the needed soft skills from a “game” or resumes. However, other ways to assess these skills would be “survey games” that ask the candidate questions about specific situations and real life examples.