Role of social capital in landing better jobs for Youth?

As I met a researcher who was working on “The Creation of Social Capital Across Different Types of Business Incubators in Canada” where he mainly talked about the role of the role of social capital
in venture creation, I was quite inspired by the keyword “Social Capital”, and did a quick search in google to see if there is any social capital research publications related to youth. Found this: Information archivée dans le Web | Information Archived on the Web. If you guys are interested in this topic, pls feel free to reply, comment, share, or argum on this topic by replying this thread. (here is the direct download link for PDF file: Ci4-48-2010-eng.pdf - Google Drive)


This article also specifies immigrants looking for employment as a result of social capital. One of the research findings was that diverse networks does have an impact on immigrant’s employment outcomes. The problem of unemployability for immigrants is something that P4W can solve. P4W will help in diversifying immigrant’s network by giving them several opportunities, depending on what kind of jobs they are looking for.