Post-COVID19 Employment Prospects and Opportunities

The COVID19 pandemic has made a huge impact on economies and societies around the world. It has led to the loss of jobs in some industries and the creation of new work opportunities in other fields, some of them new.

How have your employment prospects and opportunities been affected by the COVID19 pandemic?

I don’t think my prospects have been negatively affected since I am in a career (Information Management - IM) that easily allows for remote work. Also, there continues to be a number of IM jobs listed on LinkedIn.

The workloads of my projects and numbers of all projects from my employment have been affected a lot due to the COVID19 pandemic.

I was starting to look for jobs right when the pandemic started, so it affected my ability to look for jobs negatively. However, the positive thing is that I decided to complete my graduate studies and got accepted in the MBA program.

Yes, I totally agree that the COVID19 pandemic has made a huge impact on economies and societies around the world. In my personal experience, I really had a hard time getting a summer internship because most of the companies stopped providing internships due to a lack of funds.

Covid-19 makes me know most in-demand jobs are related to technology jobs (Link: COVID has increased demand for these jobs in Ontario). It was hard to find a job at the beginning of the pandemic, then I decided to continue to take MBA classes. I learned lots of new tech skills during the pandemic period. Therefore, although covid-19 has negative influences for me, it also helps me get more tech&business job opportunities in future.

Here are some findings about young people’s employment when facing COVID-19:
The COVID-19 pandemic has severely dented the career prospects of young people and threatens to have a prolonged negative economic impact on them as a result.

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What I have come to realize is that problem(s) always navigate towards the solution(s).
COVID 19 has come and it affected and changed the conventional way of working.
Many organizations were forced to go full-time online in order to sustain their businesses.
New business ideas erupted as a result of COVID 19.