P4W Chatbot Discussion

Let’s discuss what you want to have in chatbots. What do you want to have in Play4Work’s chatbot?

When are you gonna go to use the chatbots (e.g. in what kind of situation)?

What kind of service do you want chatbots to provide (e.g. introduction of using the P4W token system)?

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Topics to select from would be helpful. Also, the ability to rate an interaction (thumbs up or down) would be helpful.

I would love to see if a chatbot could help me in navigating through the Play4Work website.

I would like to see answers for questions related to digital tokens in a chatbot.

I would like a smart chatbot to help me find the right place in the P4W platform that will help me to find a job.

It would be helpful to have some introductory information about how to use chatbots, including specific topics and questions, so that users will know how and why a chatbot can help them start the conversation.

Excellent! noted this and we will try to add this features as well sir on the chatbot

Welcome to the Forum, @Aliyu! :raised_hands:

Thank you sir @g16arago looking forward to work with everyone here!

Thanks for joining us in the conversation. We’re ready to build chatbots that help youth find the best position for them at the current time.

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An update from today’s chatbot team session. Glad to confirm that the positions in blockchain conversation map is now added to the Play4Work chatbot.

We went over the positions in artificial intelligence map today and the tech team will be uploading it into production next.

Don’t forget to join Telegram (https://telegram.org/) and try it out - your feedback is welcome. On Telegram, you can find it here: @p4wchatbot

Our team is working on the Slack integration next, and we’ll update when that is ready.

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