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This discussion thread is where students from Myanmar could talk about specifics concepts, ideas, and challenges for them in creating a “hiring rubrics” for the games that would create meaning conversations with potential employers and experienced professionals.


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1.I just played a game after login p4w,i saw a maths game,when i done playing "u been rewarded " popped up, how do we go look our reward sir?
2.How the games can help our employability to be employed?
3.How do we wisely use p4w?
4.What chatbot is for?
5.How do we find the employment?
6.Purpose of p4w?
7.Can we just play games or can we also create?
8.Does p4w is for all kinds of jobs?
9.How many country connect with p4w?
10.It is a right choice using p4w?

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  1. I’m a final year student at TTU and I studied Diploma in programming at KBTC University. I’ve a facing problem. It is about job opportunity. I worked as a freelance web developer (Laravel) for two months but I would like to extend as a junior web developer in a potential company. However, how do I look for job opportunities as a youth during covid pandemic and political conditions?

  2. Can you explain games on Play4work in details?

  3. How can I look for a job position if I reached a limited score on P4W ?

  4. How should we find chances during this digital transformation program by using P4W ?

  5. what kinds of games for digital transformation include for P4W ?

  6. We would like to get benefits after two months for this program . So how should we prepare ?

  7. When we play games in P4W , we will get scores about tasks. Then , can we try to get opportunities for our careers by using these score points ?

  8. How can we try to improve from using these scores ?

  9. People who uses P4W can give scores each other and check but I have a question. Can a person with a high score give more points to other people or every users ?

  10. Would you mind please tell me the number of P4W users in Myanmar ?

1.what does token do ?.

2.what are badges for?.

3.can we create games?.

4.if we can , how to create games?. many countries included in Play4work?.

6.what kind of games included in Play4work?.

7.what kind of job can we find in Play4work?.

8.what does chatbot do?. many scores can we get by playing games?.

10.can we give scores each other?.

  1. What actually is Play4Work?
  2. What is the purpose of playing games in P4W?
  3. How will we use p4w?
  4. Should I save tokens?
  5. Why can we send and recieve tokens?
  6. What will happen after we are accepted an internship challenge?
  7. Can we also create games?
  8. What is p4w chatbot?
  9. Why a Distributed Ledger System is used
  10. Why should we use discourse?
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  1. I’m final year students in english department major at South Dagon university,Myanmar and I studied Diploma in programming at KBTC University.
    As I change career from language department to programming department,I got an issue about job opportunity which in fact a hard choice considering
    I do not have any based experience beforehand.
    So,I would like to know how much impact it will have on my career choice?

  2. As I saw the games in the website,what is your plans for the games and the scores points?

  3. When I finished answering the games,I got tokens.What is your plan for the tokens in the future?

  4. How much impacts it will have for the job opportunities and the internships?

  5. I have try my wallets function by transferring to my friend a token and it does work splendidly.What is your idea for this to put it there?

  6. Is the site still in developing stage?

  7. How the scores from P4W will impact the job opportunities?

  8. As I saw games in P4W,can I create games as well?

  9. What is your ideas for the chat bot?

  10. Is that a good career change from language to programming department,during these pandemics?

1.How will you introduce play4work to the students and employers?

2.Are those play4work games are pre-interview questions?

3.Is play4work program still in development?

4.What things will you do this play4work program to become successful in Myanmar?

5.What are the benefits for the owner of play4work?

6.If the candidate want to apply certain job, do the candidate must play those games?

7.What are the benefits for playing those games for example what are the benefits for employers and candidates?

8.Why do you think those scoring system will get benefits in real life working environments?

9.Why can we send and receive token in play4work?

  1. How will you do play4work program to get interest from employers and candidates?

1.How do I get job opportunities from
Play4work and digital transformation?
2.How do you decide employability from
playing games?
3. Which benefits do we get using
4. Can you explain games on Play4work in
5. On what will the games be based?
6. What is chatbot?
7. How should we prepare to get good
score at two months discussion?
8. Why should we use discourse?
9. After two months of course, what can I
expect to get from you, Sir?
10. Can I expect to get opportunities
based on the scores I received from
P4W games?

Hello, I’m 2nd year Law student, studied about Electronic Computer & Networking at SMVTI and now learning abt programming at KBTC University.
1.First of all , What are the biggest opportunities currently being presented to the p4w?
2.Is there(play4work)any weakness?
3. What do you see as the most challenging aspect of this p4w?
4.I saw some games in this p4w, can I know why you make them in this?
5.What can we do with tokens?
6.What is the main purpose of p4w chatbot?
6. What are the next steps of p4w?
7. What’s one of the most interesting opportunities that you’ve worked on with p4w?
8.How do you measure the performance of this p4w?
9. How do this p4w help us grow professionally?
10.Will we get the better ideas and good opportunities after this course?

Hello!! I am a final year student studying Electronic Engineering at Technological University(Thanlyin).I am so interested in Website
Development and now I have taken the first year exam of Diploma in Programming at KBTC University. I have a little Question about Play4work…
1.What does Play4work mean?
2.How many countries are connected in P4W?
3.What is the chat bot for and what information can I get from it?
4.Can I know the main part of the mentor in P4W?
5.What is the purpose of P4W and its background?
6.How many persons are using P4W to find job opportunities and others in Myanmar?
7.Does the person with the highest score have a better chance of getting a job?
8.How should we try to get the high score in P4W?
9.Which kind of games are included in P4W and what is the most popular game in
P4W members?
10.Does Play4Work digital transformation have any limitation?

  1. How we can get Token?
  2. Where can we create the game?
  3. How can i check job offer requirements?
  4. How does community work?
  5. what is my basket for?
  6. How Token work ?
  7. what kind of things we need to get internship?
  8. How to connect between employees and students?
  9. Play4Work have any limitation?
i.  Is this website free for everyone?
ii. Is this website opensourced?
iii.How can we know that our private data secured or not?
iv. All of the users contents private or not?
v.  How will u guys score the games?
vi. Can we get achievement of high score?
vii.Do u guys have a program to release mobile app or desktop app?
viii.Will it be ad free on later releases?
ix. All of the contents go end to end?
x. Let me know how u guys will response my upper questions?
  1. How can we create games?
  2. How does community work?
  3. How much impact it will have for the job opportunities ?
  4. How can we get Token?
  5. How should we prepare to get high score?
  6. What are the benefits of playing those games?
  7. How can we try to improve scores?
  8. What chatbot is for ?
  9. How can we improve by playing those games?
  10. what kind of games are there in Play4work?

Hello, I am an internship student from Play4Work, I will try to answer your question.
Games can help employers know you better because there will be different types of questions and you can share your insights about the position you want to apply which cannot be shown on your CV.

Hello, I am an internship student from Play4Work, I will try to answer your question.
Chatbot will answer you questions and help you use Play4Work in few minutes. If you have any questions about Play4Work, you can ask chatbot for help.

Hello, I am an internship student from Play4Work, I will try my best to answer your question.
Play4Work is a multi-sided digital platform that helps youth play for work, which means Play4Work is devoted to improving youth employment by applying gamification. Youth can use Play4work to communicate with different people and companies and find the internship by play games.

First, you need to go to Play4Work website and sign up. Then, you should update your profile and get familar with your digital wallet where your tokens will be. After that, you can choose a game you are interested in and play it. This Discourse forum is also a part of Play4Work, you can feel free to share your insights.

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Hello! I am an intern at P4W. Let me try to answer this question as best as I can. The purpose of P4W is to help youth who do not have experience to find jobs. It helps in closing the gap between higher education and employment by playing “games” about employability.
7. Can we just play games or can we also create?
Users can only play games for their desired position.

Hello! I am intern at P4W, and I will try to answer your question. The website is free and can be visited by any user. If you want to take a look at the website, here is the link:

Hello! I am an intern at P4W. I will try my best to answer your question. P4W create games with questions related to a specific position to know if the candidate will be a good fit for the position. Youth can play the game by answering these questions. If the results suggest that the youth is a good fit for the position, they can be qualified for the next round.

  1. Why should we use discourse?

Discourse Forum is a great way for us to open conversations about Youth employability around the world. We will be providing facts and welcoming everyone to share their opinion about the current situation regarding youth employability. Other topics can also be discussed in the forum such as digital transformation and blockchain. We are trying to gather as many people as we can to engage with us.