IT Soft Skills to Build Digital Transformation Teams

“Soft skills” enable employees to do their job well, in addition to whatever “hard skills” they have learned. Especially for companies undergoing digital transformation, it is important that employees have a set of soft skills to solve problems, get things done, and manage change. The article below mentions 7 soft skills for IT leaders: critical thinking, communication, creativity, collaboration, emotional intelligence, flexibility and adaptability, productivity and accountability. Do you think these skills are important for employees undergoing digital transformation in companies nowadays?


TL;DR => Here is the infographic

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IT Building digital transformation teams require a lot of soft skills. Technical skills, also known as Hard Skills, are relatively easy to acquire with the help of some courses, while Soft skills, such as problem-solving, critical thinking, and so on, require experience. When a company embarks on a digital transformation, this experience is invaluable because new issues arise at every step.

When I first started working for a multinational firm, I realized how important soft skills were since they placed a higher priority on developing them by hosting frequent design thinking workshops. I believe that in order to be successful in one’s career, one needs to possess both soft and technical abilities.

But, do you believe Softskill is truly crucial for junior-level employees who don’t contribute much to the company’s management and strategic decisions?