Is Digital Transformation Only About Technology?

This article by Harvard Business Review suggests that “digital transformation” (DT) is not about technology only. If people lack the right mindset to change, digital transformation will not be successful. While many companies spend money on DT initiative, much of it does not reach their goals.

Does DT really promote efficiency gains and customer intimacy? How important are mindset change and organisational practices to ensuring that DT initiatives are successful?

The article cites five key lessons to help in successful DT for leading organisations:
Lesson 1: “Figure out your business strategy before you invest in anything.”
Lesson 2: “Leverage insiders.”
Lesson 3: “Design customer experience from the outside in.”
Lesson 4: “Recognize employees’ fear of being replaced.”
Lesson 5: “Bring Silicon Valley start-up culture inside.”

While Play4Work does not operate with a “Silicon Valley culture” (our home base is Ottawa, Canada), we do appreciate some of these lessons (e.g. the need for agility and prototyping) in our co-creation model. We also highlight the importance of taking a “competitive-cooperative” approach to DT and community-formation.

What insights did you gain from the article? Does it offer helpful advice about DT or do you think it misses the mark in some important way(s)? Digital Transformation Is Not About Technology

Thanks, Ramz. That is really great to see you have a topic relate to Digital Business transformation. I am also interested in this topic and did research before.
Based on my understanding, the digital transformation not just about technology. Digital Business transformation demands mindset shift, behavioral shift and leadership backup. Therefore, people are what powers this transformation to make it a success.
Here is the articel I read before, hope it can give you some new ideas.

Yes, I believe that simply changing the technology would not result in digital transformations; rather, people must accept the change and change their thinking. Changes can be difficult to accept, yet they do occur over time.
Can we, however, assert that technology is at the core of digital transformation?