How is Blockchain Changing Finance, Business and Society?

Why choose blockchain? What can blockchain bring us?

One of the world’s leading authorities on the impact of technology in business, media and society, Don Tapscott, Executive Chairman of the Blockchain Research Institute, offers an answer in this TED talk.

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That is a great Ted talk to watch! Thanks for the share.
I have a finance background, so I am very interested in this topic.
Nowadays, many firms in the financial industry, from banks and insurers to audit and professional service firms. I feel Blockchain is not an existential threat to those who embrace the new technology paradigm and disrupt from within.
I also get an article from Harvard Business Review. Here is the link. Maybe we can discuss more about this topic in the future.


I am also very interest in Finance, and I can see how the focus on Blockchain is increasing in the finance industry. For example, when I look at job postings for a finance job, there are many “digital finance” postings. Even most roles for a “Financial Analyst” requires knowledge about Blockchain. If you are interested in Finance, it is becoming impossible to run away from blockchain. P4W does a great job in gathering important resources about blockchain for youth. When I started at P4W I did not know anything about blockchain, but now I could say I have knowledge about basic topics.

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