Distributed Ledger Technologies

What are distributed ledger technologies (DLTs)? Are they the same as “blockchain” or are they different? How do distributed ledger technologies operate? Experts see a technology that will greatly influence our lives, ushering in a new phase of the internet. But what is this belief based on? Is it realistic? Or is it as meaningful as “bubble memory”, a mere fad that will quickly pass us by? What difference does the advent of DLTs make? “Is it a revolution or just hype?”

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Thank you for sharing! This is a very interesting video. As far as I know, DLT is a shared ledger without central administrator or centralized data storage. And blockchain is a kind of distributed ledger, which can be private or public. Blockchain is one of the popular trends, many companies are trying to use it to improve their business.

I believe @ramzf98’s questions are legitimate concerns that anyone researching the DLT will have. Yes, Blockchain is based on Distributed Leder Technology, which @Wendy9 has rightly articulated. This is a cutting-edge technology that allows the ecosystem to be self-sufficient and work on its own.

There was a lot of misinformation regarding this technology, but it is now being used by governments throughout the world to release Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), proving that it is a safe and reliable technology. Because it is backed by several governments, I feel it has a lot of room for expansion in the future.