Are you in a precarious situation with your studies, work and/or career?

Given our current work environment, do you feel your studies are putting you in a strong position to start a new career, or do you believe you are in a precarious position in terms of starting your career? For those who have graduated, is your career on track or in a more precarious position (lack of job security, etc.)?

It depends. Typically for my case, with the help of my friends, I have always been able to land good internaltional jobs with a mere engineering degree from an engineering school in Myanmar. Generally speaking, 9 out of 10 graduates from my university would take further studies, their masters and Ph.D’s, and most of them are now enjoying their lives as highly paid professionals.


  1. not securely held or in position; dangerously likely to fall or collapse.
    “a precarious ladder”
  2. dependent on chance; uncertain.
    “he made a precarious living as a painter”

I graduated December 2019 and would say my career is definitely not on track since graduating. There appeared to be hiring freezes during March 2020 for almost a year, at least in the positions I was investigating. Since then I’ve been working as labourer. But now I want to get my career back as the new world order or “reset” is coming into view. In the last year I was not willing to incur the costs of being unemployed for a period in order to develop some Machine Learning projects and Cardano coding that I wanted to learn. However I am now in better position to take this risk. So my career is precarious in a sense, but now it’s time to take some risks.

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Currently, I am not in a precarious situation. I am interning at P4W and I am still an MBA student. I would say that my career is on track in the current time. However, I did feel that I was in a precarious situation when I finished my undergraduate degree in 2019. I was not finding jobs due to lack of experience, and the pandemic made my situation worse.